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Access To Justice, Inc.

Why We Offer Reduced Attorney Fees & Flat Rates?​

At ATJ Law Firm we offer reduced attorney's fees and reasonable flat rates to those who cannot afford to pay traditionally high legal fees. We do this because we recognize there is a void in the legal marketplace. The void exists because many modest and middle income individuals have income which is too high to qualify for free (pro bono) legal services, but not high enough to afford traditionally high attorney's fees. This means for many modest to middle income individuals, it can be quite difficult to obtain affordable legal services. This is precisely why Access to Justice was created. We seek to serve clients with modest and middle incomes, who can afford to pay something, just not traditionally high fees. 

Please note, we do not offer free legal services. If you believe you qualify for free services based on low income, please call your local bar association or legal aid clinic. You can search online for these, or find local information by pressing the blue buttons on this page.​ ​​​

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